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White Disposable Polyethylene Adult Aprons

Published on 2022/3/19

Disposable Polyethylene  Apron
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White Disposable Polyethylene Adult Aprons

White Disposable Polyethylene Aprons for Adults

Lightweight White Disposable Polyethylene Aprons provide protection for the torso. Made from polythene, these white aprons are flat-packed and dispense simply and continuously. As standard, they features ties to secure the item around the back and a loop to go around the neck.

Our waterproof disposable PE apron can provide excellent coverage and protection in different sizes and thicknesses. High-quality original materials combine flexibility and resistance to chemicals, fats and oils, easy to clean, and easy to package

Suitable for food industry, chemical laboratory, physics laboratory, nursing staff, restaurant, patient, painting, spraying and finishing, etc. There are many uses, Convenient pullover styling makes them quick and easy to put on and remove. Economical protection for light and medium applications


Easy to clean and conveniently packaged

One-piece apron

100% Polyethylene

Color: white, blue

Poly barrier gown


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