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disposable clear PE glove

These disposable polyethylene gloves are carefully designed for use in food service. Poly gloves are an economical choice for frequent-change environments, offering protection for many multipurpose and food handling applications.


Disposable Clear TPE Gloves

Disposable TPE gloves available in clear, blue or black for food use. Powder-free, non-sterile, ambidextrous, latex-free, recyclable, biodegradable.


Clear Polyethylene Disposable Gloves

With a no-nonsense design, these simple, transparent gloves are made of a plastic material. They are environmentally friendly, recyclable, and safe.


Disposable HDPE Gloves

HDPE Disposable Gloves is made suitable for light general duties. It provides simple barrier to protect hand from liquid splash & dirt and oil.


Disposable LDPE Gloves

These LDPE gloves are disposable, perfect for everyday use for both inside and outside the home to protect against germs.


LDPE Glove Header Blocker

LDPE gloves fixed with paper card header blocker, which has Holes for hanging. Easy for wearing gloves. Widely used in food Industry. clean room, Laboratory and hygiene.

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