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Disposable White PE Laminated Polypropylene Apron

Published on 2021/8/23

Disposable PE apron
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Disposable White PE Laminated Polypropylene Apron

Disposable PE Laminated Polypropylene apron protects your clothes, waterproof and anti-cross contamination.

The disposable PE apron protects your clothes, is waterproof and anti-cross-contamination, and looks neat and tidy, saving time and money. Does not penetrate grease, paint, most acids and stains.

Our disposable PE Laminated Polypropylene apron is the choice of food service staff and deli, seafood prep area, dishwashing room, very suitable for dishwashers and table cleaners. If your employees are handling fresh pieces of meat, these aprons can also protect their clothes from raw blood.

The extra-long ties on these disposable plastic aprons are easy to adjust, so they are suitable for any employee. Choose different thicknesses to achieve the durable preparation or cleaning tasks you need. Since these disposable plastic aprons are packed in boxes, you can put them in a compact space, and your employees can simply throw them away after they are used up.


Protect clothing from spills and stains

One-time use, convenient and hygienic


Tie strings around waist ensures apron stays put for a proper fit

Suitable for various wet or dry applications


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