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Disposable White PE Apron

Published on 2022/3/4

Disposable polyethylene apron
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Disposable White PE Apron

The disposable PE apron is made of polyethylene, which is waterproof and pollution-proof, hygienic and convenient, non-toxic, and odorless.

Disposable PE apron 24" x 42" Unisex apron for hair salon spa or art studio.

High quality: The disposable waterproof pe apron is designed to prevent water and other liquids from penetrating your clothes. This apron is made of high-quality raw materials-polyethylene has excellent flexibility and resistance to oil, fat and grease. Disposable PE apron is cool, light, breathable and comfortable. Easy to wipe and keep clean. The long ties on these disposable plastic aprons make them easy to adjust, so they are suitable for any member of your staff.

Reliable protection: Thanks to its waterproof design, this apron protects your clothes from liquid splashes.

Low cost: Our disposable polyethylene apron provides cost-effective protection.

Wide range of uses: white disposable polyethylene aprons are used in various industries and are very suitable for light and medium-sized applications, including food processing and food service. These disposable eco-friendly aprons are ideal for dishwashers or table cleaners. This disposable apron is perfect for your butcher shop, deli, seafood preparation area, etc.

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