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What are Disposable TPE Gloves?

Published on 2022/3/1

Disposable TPE GLOVES
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What are Disposable TPE Gloves?

TPE Gloves are a fantastic alternative to PE and Vinyl Gloves – great for a broad range of activities including clinical, food handling, and hair and beauty applications.

TPE gloves, or thermoplastic elastomer gloves, are a new innovative form of disposable gloves entering the market. They are a thinner material with a smooth, soft surface for touching surfaces. These bulk gloves offer elevated benefits from vinyl options when it comes to handling or prepping food. We offer disposable TPE gloves manufactured to keep the wearer protected and comfortable while working.

The good tensile and better elongation are disposable TPE gloves' main performance, it feels soft, strong, fit hands well. Some types feel slip on the surface, some it non-slip, sticky film will help them catch things better. Our gloves are non-toxic, food-safe, hygienic and eco-friendly, making them great for a broad range of activities including clinical use, food handling, and hair and beauty applications.

These clear TPE disposable gloves are designed to make spotting contaminants quick and easy. Any time you come into contact with a substance, you’ll be able to see it right away thanks to the colorless surface, a feature making TPE gloves ideal for the food service or healthcare industries.

The benefits of disposable TPE gloves include:

Lightweight: TPE gloves tend to weigh less in grams than gloves manufactured from other materials.Lighter gloves are economical and comfortable.

Quality TPE gloves material:

The TPE material Offers exceptional resistance to liquid exposure.

Multiple sizes: We offer our clear disposable TPE gloves in medium, large and extra-large sizes, so you can find PPE to comfortably fit all your employees.

High elasticity: Comprised of high-quality thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) material, our gloves offer superior stretch for a comfortable fit.

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