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Green Pleated Disposable Polypropylene Bouffant Caps

Published on 2021/12/23

pleated polypropylene bouffant cap
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Green Pleated Disposable Polypropylene Bouffant Caps

Made from 100% non-woven polypropylene, these bouffant Caps are highly breathable and low-linting.

Bouffant cap pleated Made from 100% non-woven polypropylene. Unique accordion pleated style allows them to be refolded with a snap of the wrist at shift changes. Flexible and lightweight for ease of use. Latex-free. Barrier against fine dust and dry particles.

This pleated polypropylene bouffant cap provides a particulate barrier and helps facial hair from contaminating a product or work environment. A low-linting, lightweight cover restrains hair and offers great ventilation, so you stay cool over long hours. This product is designed to protect against dirt, grime, and particulates in non-hazardous environments. Bouffant's elastic headband is encapsulated in soft poly thread for great comfort and basic protection.

100% latex free bouffant cap from come in a variety of colors and packaging configurations. Choose from white, green, blue, red, and yellow colors in sizes 19 - 28 inches. We offer a number of different packaging configurations to best meet your customer's requirements.

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