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PE Disposable Film Gloves

Published on 2021/12/24

Pe Disposable Film Gloves
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PE Disposable Film Gloves

This Household Gloves Great House Cleaning Gloves and also great for food handling. And any other home chore.

These disposable Food Grade PE Plastic Gloves are clear in color, tissue thin and have an embossed texture for comfort. Made from high-density polyethylene, these gloves can be used for food processing and handling, applying adhesives, dispensing drugs, painting, household maintenance, cleaning, polishing, gardening and yard work, grocery stores, restaurants, arts and crafts, decorating, and more

PE gloves are divided into HDPE and LDPE gloves, it is the most versatile disposable gloves in the world. It is extremely large, easy to use. The lightest HDPE is now only 0.5 grams, which is the thinnest thickness of the HDPE film.

These Disposable Polyethylene Gloves for lab and general safety are easy to pull on, transparent, wrist-length gloves with heat-sealed seams that provide protection against acids and detergents without hindering manual dexterity. They also provide a layer of protection when touching surfaces where unseen germs may be waiting.


Keeping clean, economical & convenient

Various thickness, textured or smooth surface

Light, better feeling, cheaper price

Available in low and high density polyethylene

Waterproof, preventing ache, alkaline, oil, bacilli.

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