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TPE Gloves for Food Handling

Published on 2022/10/20

TPE Gloves for Food Handling
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TPE Gloves for Food Handling

If you like to cook or work with raw foods, TPE gloves may be something you want to consider. They are ideal for those who need to handle food, and they are also easy to clean.

When handling food, you might not realize the harmful effects that it can have on your skin. The grease from the food, sweat from your hands, and germs from dirty surfaces all combine to create a perfect storm for an unpleasant hand-to-food encounter. That’s where TPE gloves come in. These synthetic gloves are used to protect the skin of people who manually handle food. They are also used for hygienic reasons as they eliminate the need for separate utensils for handling raw foods. Here are 4 good reasons why you need TPE gloves for food handling:

Protects Hands From Harmful Germs and Bacteria

We have all been taught to wash our hands regularly, but the truth is that healthy hands are a breeding ground for dangerous germs. Washing your hands regularly won’t stop the spread of those germs, though, because they only live on our bodies for a short time. By wearing synthetic gloves when handling raw meats, fish, and produce, you can protect your hands from harmful bacteria and viruses. You can also protect yourself from food-borne illnesses like E. Coli, Salmonella, and Hepatitis. In addition, if you are wearing gloves, you can’t pass those harmful germs from one piece of food to another.

Keeps Food From Sticking to Hands

Food that is not kept cool enough can begin to stick to your hands. Temperature is a key factor in how food adheres to your skin, so it only makes sense that if you keep your hands at a certain temperature, they will stick to each other. If you wear TPE gloves, they will keep your hands from sticking to each other and other surfaces. That’s because TPE is a synthetic material that does not absorb or transfer heat. When your hands are sticking to each other, you can’t move them or twist them, which can lead to you dropping food or injuring yourself with the utensils you’re using.

Provides Protection When Sweating During Hand Hygiene

Wearing latex gloves while hand-washing your dishes and utensils helps to remove bacteria and germs from your hands, but it also reduces the amount of sweat that your hands produce. That’s a good thing because sweating is the way that your body gets rid of toxins. When your hands are sweating, they are releasing toxins through your skin. That makes them more likely to cause an allergic reaction or increase the risk of contracting infections like staph.

Improves Grip During Handling Food

If you are using regular latex gloves to handle raw foods, they will likely leave marks on your utensils. That makes it harder to see if your food is sticking or if you are handling it too roughly. When you wear TPE gloves, you don’t have to worry about food marks on your utensils or your hands. That’s because the synthetic material of TPE gloves is non-adhesive. That means that you can use it whenever you handle raw foods or utensils without having to worry about it leaving marks. That’s a big improvement for the efficiency of your food handling.


These are just four of the many advantages that TPE gloves offer over latex ones. Synthetic gloves are ideal for those who need to handle raw foods because they eliminate the need to use separate utensils. They are also great for those who experience sweaty hands as they don’t leave any marks on your hands. If you like to cook or work with raw foods, TPE gloves may be something you want to consider. They are ideal for those who need to handle food, and they are also easy to clean.

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