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Disposable face mask

3-Ply Disposable Face Mask with Comfort Ear Loop. High-efficiency protective isolation face masks.


2 Ply Disposable Non Woven Face Mask

2 Layer Face Mask made of the finest quality melt-blown non-woven filter has filtration efficiency of over 90% filtration at 0.1 particles.


2 ply paper disposable face mask

Best Disposable White Paper Face Masks made of wood pulp raw materials. 1 or 2-ply paper with Elasticated Loops.


Plastic Transparent Anti-Droplet Face Mouth Mask for Restaurant Hotel Waiter


Plastic transparent open mask, to prevent mouth air, mouth water from contacting the food or other things.


Protective mask adopts high transparent environmental protection base material, high definition, harmless to human health!

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