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Disposable PE Apron

Disposable polyethylene aprons are suitable for various industries and are very suitable for light and medium load applications, including food processing and food service.


Oil-proof TPU Apron

Wear-resistant and waterproof TPU apron, oil-proof and acid-proof, used for slaughtering aquatic food.


Disposable Polyethylene Apron On Roll

Made from polythene, these aprons are packaged in a roll and dispense simply and continuously.


aterproof Rubber Vinyl Apron

Adjustble strap durable material Unisex Heavy Duty Transparent PVC Waterproof Dish Washing Apron


Blue TPU Aprons

High-quality thermoplastic polyurethane leather material, Ultra-light, yet thick, soft, durable and easy to clean, Water resistant


Disposable Polyethylene Apron

The Disposable Polyethylene Apron is made of 100% new Virgin Material. Hanging neck design to avoid the embarrassment of the shoulder strap. High-quality virgin material combines flexibility and resistance to chemicals, fats and oils, with a smooth finish that is easy to clean.

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