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Pleated Bouffant Caps

Published on 2023/1/28

Pleated Bouffant Caps
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Pleated Bouffant Caps

Our pleated bouffant caps are made from polypropylene material. The fabric is non-woven and is both lightweight and breathable while providing excellent head coverage.

New material non-woven disposable bouffant cap pleated with 6 colors for you to choose, This disposable non woven cap is made of quality material, no peculiar smell, healthy and soft, makes you rest assured to use. Made from durable non-woven fabric, these disposable head cover caps neatly tuck all hair behind them and increase productivity by eliminating the need to manually move hair away from the eyes. Built-in elastic band ensures a comfortable and secure fit without overtightening.

Stretchable and adjustable: our disposable mop mob caps with elastic band makes it perfectly fit your head, which won’t make your head feel tight and bound.

Comfortable and breathable: Disposable bouffant caps is of light-weight and breathability, which will never let the head feel muggy.




Latex free, non-irritating to skin.





      100 pcs/bag, 10 bags/carton.

      100 pcs/bag, 20 bags/carton.

       50 pcs/bag, 20 bags/carton.

      100 pcs/box, 10 boxes/carton.

Usage: home cleaning, food processing factory, dust-free workshop, electronics factory, operating room, beauty salon, etc.

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