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Disposable CPE Gown

Published on 2018/6/5

Disposable CPE Gown
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Disposable CPE Gown

Thumb Loop CPE Gowns provide great protection, save time & keep sleeves from sliding up.

Disposable CPE Gowns are also called disposable plastic gowns, isolation gowns or CPE gowns. CPE is an acronym for chlorinated polyethylene. CPE Gowns give great protection, save time & keep sleeves from sliding up.

Thumb loop CPE Gowns have an apron style neck so the CPE gown can be removed quickly. Thumb loop gowns are an economical option and provide protection against high levels of fluid. Light, dustproof and waterproof. Prevent and isolate dust, particle, alcohol, blood, bacteria and virus invading. Soft and non-irritating to the skin. Suit for Household, food industry, Operating room, laboratory, food shop, food processing, dust workshop, beauty salon and other places.

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