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Microporous Coverall

Published on 2018/6/6

Microporous Coverall
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Microporous Coverall

The microporous coverall is designed to provide full body protection for multiple applications including automotive refinishing, waste management, remediation, and more.

Barrier liquid, particles, liquid chemical splash. type4, type5, type6 test. Anti-static fabric, using laminated microporous material, mild protection, The back adopts a breathable design. Breathable back fabric Improves wear comfort. Elasticated cap for easy movement, comfort and safety. Elastic waist enhances protection. A full-length zipper is easy to put on. Elasticated cuffs. Elastic ankle. 100% Latex Free. Single zip cover, chest logo, monochrome wash label. Five wire sewing machine, one inch eight stitches or more. 

Disposable protective coveralls are usually used in the hospital, chemical industry, food industry, laboratory, dust-free workshop, painting, etc. Its role is to isolate germs, harmful ultra-fine dust, acid and alkaline solutions, electromagnetic radiation, etc., to ensure the safety of personnel and to keep the environment clean.

     1pcs/polybag, 50bags/carton 1x50

     1pcs/polybag, 25bags/carton 1x25

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