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Unlined Household Latex Gloves

Published on 2019/5/30

Unlined Household Latex Gloves
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Unlined Household Latex Gloves

Designed for various household tasks, our gloves provide superior grip, flexibility, and durability. Whether you’re cleaning, washing dishes, handling chemicals, or gardening, these gloves offer excellent protection against household substances.

Our unlined household latex gloves are designed for everyday tasks such as cleaning, dishwashing, cooking, gardening, and more. The unlined design offers maximum dexterity and sensitivity, allowing you to handle objects with precision and ease. The gloves feature a textured surface that enhances grip, preventing accidents and ensuring safety while handling slippery or delicate items. These household gloves are made of high quality environmentally friendly natural latex waterproof material, Safe, no smell, providing long-lasting durability.

     12 pairs/polybag, 25 dozens/carton

     1 pair/polybag, 12 pairs/bag, 20 dozens/carton

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