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Disposable PE Plastic Gloves

Published on 2022/3/21

Polyethylene (PE) Food glove
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Disposable PE Plastic Gloves

These disposable polyethylene gloves are carefully designed for use in food service. Poly gloves are an economical choice for frequent-change environments, offering protection for many multipurpose and food handling applications.

Disposable PE Gloves are the very thin, plastic gloves that are designed for light-duty tasks such as food prep.  And offers economical protection from mild chemicals, oils, fats, paints and abrasions and are available in different lengths, thicknesses and textured surfaces. These are great for restaurant workers since they are easy to dispose of and change between tasks. They are looser in fit and shouldn’t be used for tasks that require a lot of dexterity. These disposable PE gloves keep your hands clean and free of odors. Use them for food handling, eating messy foods such as BBQ, cleaning and in any situation where you don't want to dirty your hands.

Size: One size fits all - LARGE
Colour: Clear Transparent
Material: Polyethylene
Use: Food Prep
Medium weight (thickness)
Single use
Suitable for left or right hand


Food Handling, Garage Forecourts, Wet Handling, Cleaning

Disposable Gloves Clear

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