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Fluid Resistant Bouffant Cap

Published on 2021/10/14

Fluid Resistant Bouffant Cap
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Fluid Resistant Bouffant Cap

Fluid Resistant Bouffant Caps for Cleanroom, Food Processing, Manufacturing, and Industrial Applications.

Pleated Bouffant Cap Designed to provide highly comfortable, breathable, and effective protection from fluids and other contaminants, our nonwoven spunbond pleated bouffant caps keep hair securely contained.

Disposable Bouffant Caps / Hair Nets are designed for use in cleanroom environments where strong measures are taken to control contamination levels. A bouffant cap completely covers the hair for use in controlled enviornments and other situations where it is important to avoid loose hairs such as food processing, laboratories, and manufacturing / production facilities.

Polypropylene Bouffant Caps Pleated are lightweight, breathable, and made from polypropylene material. The are compact and easy to store in a dispenser. Designed for minimal risk applications ensuring a high level of hygiene in many sectors including food processing, labs, and light industrial settings. They are pleated and double stitched, giving them an high level of comfort when compared to traditional bouffant caps.

These pleated bouffant caps are suitable for a variety of industries including cleanroom, industrial, and food processing. They are made from low-linting and durable 100% latex-free polypropylene and are available in the following sizes: 19″, 21″, 24″, 26″, 28″.

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