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Dust-free Workshop Disposable Non-Woven Strip Bouffant Pleated Cap

Published on 2021/10/21

non-woven strip bouffant pleated cap
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Dust-free Workshop Disposable Non-Woven Strip Bouffant Pleated Cap

Non-woven bouffant pleated cap that can be used in hospitals, laboratories, food processing plants, dust-free workshops, and electronic environments.

Non-woven striped caps are made of high-quality non-woven fabrics, with simple process, strong practicability, and wide range of uses. Disposable Non woven bouffant caps pleated become striped caps because they are made into strips. After unfolding, it is mushroom-shaped, so it is also called mushroom cap and round cap. It is used in some places with strict environmental requirements and is suitable for specific people to prevent hair and dandruff from falling and ensure a clean environment. Non-woven strip caps have a wide range of applications, especially in dust-free workshops, medical, electronics, food processing, laboratories and other industries.

This lightweight non-woven fabric hat is highly breathable, stretchable, elastic and recoverable, preventing hair from being disheveled and soft to the touch. Compared with textile fabrics, it has high productivity, high production speed, low price, mass production and so on.

The caps we produce are fixed in size and not easily deformed. Wearing for a long time is not tight, no allergic reaction, no washing, no maintenance, convenient and practical, safer and more hygienic.

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