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Polyethylene Disposable Food Handling Gloves

Published on 2021/10/25

 Disposable Polyethylene Gloves
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Polyethylene Disposable Food Handling Gloves

Your poly glove of choice for light-duty, kitchen tasks. These disposable set of gloves ensure a proper food service operation.

Disposable clear Polyethylene gloves offers economical protection from mild chemicals, oils, fats, paints and abrasions and are available in different lengths, thicknesses. Single-use polyethylene gloves are commonly used in deli's, bars, food service, farming and are not intended as patient examination gloves nor should they be used with infectious or bodily fluids.

Component materials of Food Grade Disposable PE Plastic Gloves comply with FDA regulations for food contact making them an affordable protection in high-turn environments. These gloves are easy to put on, they aren't stretchy like latex gloves and more like those you see used by people behind the counter at Subway or your local deli. Like most gloves like this, your hands will sweat in them but they're much easier to take off than latex or nitrile gloves. They are clear and powder free.

Product details

Disposable for easy clean-up and convenience

Includes 1000 medium size gloves for proper fitting

Ambidextrous gloves will fit either hand

100% Latex-Free

A box of 100 will go along way and you will be changing them out often depending on what kinds of foods you're handling.

For instance, you will change them to handle veggies after you've been handling meat, and so on and so forth. The box opens like a box of tissue so you can pull out what you need and they can fit both your right and left hand.

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