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Disposable Arm Protection Sleeve Covers

Published on 2022/3/20

Disposable Pe Sleeve Cover
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Disposable Arm Protection Sleeve Covers

Disposable oversleeves are great for food handling and wet work tasks, ideal for use in the packaging industry, household cleaning, clean rooms, assembling industry, food service, garden, painting, electronics production areas, by cleaners, decorators, and tradesmen.

The disposable sleeve cover is made of thin plastic pe, which has the characteristics of good toughness, wear resistance and softness. It is easy to use and can be mixed with left and right hands. The disposable PE sleeve resists liquid splashes, but are not recommended for continuous liquid exposure. Use the metal-detectable sleeves around food processing plants while reducing the risk of contaminating the food. Polypropylene sleeves offer economical protection in environments where liquid splashes are not a concern. They offer better abrasion resistance than polyethylene gloves.


Dust proof, oil proof, Durable and inexpensive

Lint-firee, good tensile strength, comfortable

Convenient, protective, eco-friendly

Size. It is 15.5” long with elastic at both ends. The width will stretch to 5.5” for easily placing it on your arm.

Package : 200pcs plastic disposable sleeves. Clear plastic but not brittle at all, simple stuff makes life easier.

These Disposable 1-mil thick polyethylene arm sleeve protectors are ideal protection against fluids and commonly used in food processing environments to protect the arm and clothing while preventing hair/skin from contaminating products.

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