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Bouffant Cap Pleated Blue Latex Free 21"

Published on 2021/12/14

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Bouffant Cap Pleated Blue Latex Free 21"

Bouffant Pleated Caps for Women and Men, Perfect for Hospitals, Medical Facilities, Food Services and more.

Bouffant Caps

The large Bouffant Caps ensure a safe and comfortable all-day wear.


Non-woven bouffant caps are spun bonded polypropylene material.Breathable polypropylene fabric protects against dirt and germs while keeping you cool and comfortable all day long. The thick and durable layers sustain material for multipurpose use. They are great for all medical, workplace, indoor, and outdoor settings. Flexible and lightweight, providing long-term comfortable wear.

Multi-purpose use

Bouffant Caps Great for hospitals, lab work, food processing and manufacturing,cleanrooms, health care professions,construction sites and other settings to contain loose hair.


Unique accordion pleated style allows it to be refolded with a snap of the wrist at shift changes. Unique pleated design lets you pull out one cap at a time and allows caps to be refolded during intermittent use.

Our premier 21"blue medical Bouffant Caps are designed to ensure safety and protect your head in various situations from liquid and dust. Latex-free design helps reduce risks of allergic reactions.

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