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Disposable Pink Plastic Apron

Published on 2021/12/24

disposable pink plastic apron
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Disposable Pink Plastic Apron

All-in-one, ultra-light, fully detectable and extremely dureable apron. For your protection and hygiene in all production processes.

These disposable aprons are made from 'Strong Film' low density polyethylene (LDPE). Cost effective in protecting you from any spills and contamination.

Our disposable White or Blue LDPE/HDPE apron is waterproof and applicable for food process, general industry, cleaning, painting and farming.  Flat pack or on a roll. This disposable apron provides protection against splashes and dirt that can occur during the poultry slaughtering process. And will also prevent any contamination of the work environment and will guarantee good hygiene conditions. Particularly appropriate for use in the agri-food industry.

This disposable white polythene apron provides disposable protection for clothes. These aprons widely used in food Industry, Pharmaceutical industries, Industrial industries, provide safety and hygiene to workplace.

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