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Precautions During Use of Disposable Sleeves

Published on 2022/1/11

disposable pink pe sleeves
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Precautions During Use of Disposable Sleeves

These polyethylene sleeves are available in blue or white, embossed and are great for food processing, meat packing, food preparation.

Disposable Protective sleeves are worn by employees who are at risk of injuring their arms from performing work tasks where they're putting their hands into a line of fire or into a hidden area where there are sharp or protruding objects. Disposable PE sleeve provides protection against cuts, abrasions, punctures, heat, burns, electric shocks, UV rays, sparks, toxic dust irritants, chemicals and other contaminants. Protective arm coverings can also be used to keep the forearm and a worker's shirt sleeves clean from dust and dirt. Arm injuries often occur when workers brush up against or bump into sharp or hot objects, or when they’re holding parts on their arms.

There are many ways sleeves can be customized for a work task or environment. For example, they can be reinforced in areas, such as the elbow crotch, where the material will wear over time due to the nature of the task. Sleeves also come in a variety of colours. High-visibility sleeves are used in many workplaces, particularly in the construction industry. Choosing different colours is also useful for companies that want to clearly distinguish visitors from workers: They might have guests wear orange, where everyone else wears grey. 

Some manufactures say that when a situation requires workers to wear safety gloves, there should also be a requirement for protective sleeves. Whether the need is for protection against common hazards, such as cuts or burns, or against injury in more specific applications, such as material handling, the risk is not just to the hand but to the arm as well.

The disposable arm sleeve cover is made of thin plastic PE, which has the characteristics of good toughness, wear resistance, softness, etc. It is easy to use and can be mixed with left and right hands. Disposable PE sleeves are widely used in home kitchen cleaning, protect sleeves from contamination, and are inexpensive.

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