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21" Nonwoven Pleated Bouffant Cap

Published on 2022/1/12

White Polypropylene Pleated Bouffant Cap
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21" Nonwoven Pleated Bouffant Cap

Ensure food safety by keeping hair covered in the workplace with this cloth-like, non-woven 21" white bouffant cap! Great for use in institutional food-service, pharmaceutical setups, industrial settings, and healthcare environments.

Bpuffant cap is made from 100% virgi non-woven polypropylene low-linting fabric. Their unique accordion pleated style allows them to be refolded with a snap of the wrist at shift changes. 21" White Polypropylene Pleated bouffant caps are available in a variety of sizes and colours - ideal for work environments that follow colour coded departments for food compliance.

100% machine made cap expands from 1"x9" packed size and opens up to a full sized cap. Machine welded seameliminates all needle holes, thread and stitching. Double elastic headband for a secure and comfortable fit. Lightweight and cool/breathable non-woven fabric.  Latex free to reduce risks of allergic reactions elastic band is fully encapuslated by polyester thread for added comfort.

Due to the circumstances surrounding COVID-19, We also made disposable medical bouffant pleated caps. The spunbond Bouffant Caps are designed to cover hair in no fluid contamination or light fluid contamination environments.We've also introduced various colours to offer a more diverse style to the user and innovated our designs to remain the leader in user protection and comfort for the China medical headwear market.


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