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Disposable Multi-Purpose PE Gloves

Published on 2022/1/12

disposable plastic polythene gloves
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Disposable Multi-Purpose PE Gloves

Available in a variety of sizes to fit all hands, this range of disposable safety gloves are completely Latex-free, reducing the risk of hypersensitivity and allergic reactions.

For single-use applications where gloves are worn for a short amount of time, especially for food handling, ComfortFlex polyethylene powder-free disposable gloves are fast and easy to slip on and off and are the most economical choice.


Disposable plastic polythene gloves Mitts have a loose fitting design and a user-friendly donning the glove system for easy on/off use. Can be used over a glove or bare hand and acts as a barrier when handling raw meats, such as hamburger patties, chicken or fish.

Protects hands from messy or skin-irritating tasks

Protects foods from germs, perspiration skin oils

Thin for fingertip sensitivity, easy work

Latex free

Reliable performance for short-term use applications when frequent glove changes are required

Saves time and increases kitchen efficiency

Not recommended to be used around heat or hot surfaces

Textured surface for better grip

The polyethylene powder-Free disposable gloves are used for food processing, cleaning, beauty salon, gardening, house work, Restaurant, Hotel, etc.

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