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Disposable Latex Free Pleated Bouffant Cap

Published on 2022/1/13

Disposable Latex Free Pleated Bouffant Cap
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Disposable Latex Free Pleated Bouffant Cap

Pleated Bouffant Cap designed to provide highly comfortable, breathable, and effective protection from fluids and other contaminants.

The disposable bouffant cap is made of breathable polypropylene material, and the product can be used in any environment where full hair protection is required. Disposable caps are big enough to fit almost any hairstyle, and they're soft, with good stretch that won't leave marks on the skin. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, it is ideal for the production, catering, beauty or food processing industries.

Disposable non-woven bouffant cap pleated is made of high-quality materials, no odor, healthy and soft, so you can use it with confidence, light and breathable, and will never make your head feel stuffy. Our disposable bar caps come with elastic straps to fit your head perfectly without straining your head.

Machine-made pleated bouffant caps provide added and consistent sanitary coverage in a lightweight, breathable fabric that's perfect for all day use.100 Value Pack Disposable Hats provide a good environment for hospitals, barber and beauty shops, salons, service industries and dust-free workplaces and any other places with clean and hygienic requirements, avoid the embarrassment of hair loss, and create healthy cleanliness environment of.

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