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Blue Pleated Bouffant Caps

Published on 2022/3/12

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Blue Pleated Bouffant Caps

This Blue Pleated Bouffant Cap is a light weight breathable fabric that provides economical protection. It is the best low cost solution to protect workers against dry particulates, dirt and grime.

Disposable 100% spun-bonded polypropylene bouffant caps are designed for lightweight and comfortable protection from particulates to protect the wearer's hair.Latex-free, breathable, lint-free, lightweight, unobtrusive, soft, and effectively covers and protects hair.

Great for use in institutional food service, pharmaceutical setups, industrial settings, and healthcare environments this flame retardant bouffant cap offers an economical barrier for all-day use.Elastic closure bouffant caps are easy to on/off, with no pulled hairs.

The blue pleated bouffant caps are available in 21", or 24" sizes making the cap comfortable and Puffy construction accommodates a wide range of hairstyles.

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