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Food Service Hair Nets For Long Hair

Published on 2022/2/8

Food Service Hair Nets For Long Hair
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Food Service Hair Nets For Long Hair

Hairnets for food service are a must if you run any restaurant or food-service business. Nothing is more embarrassing or damaging to a food-service establishment than your diners or guests finding a hair in their stew, soup, or broth.

These disposable bouffant hair net caps allow excellent comfort and stability. Non slip elastic helps the cap to remain secure and in place for long days on the job. Dust barrier effect. Heavyweight, flexible and resilient.

Designed for use in food service industry from polypropylene with well breathable, dry fabric. Non-woven fabrics material will provide comfortable wearing feel for you. Soft, heavyweight breathable poly hats have elastic stretch band that keeps cap in place providing maximum comfort. These PPE bouffant scrub caps maintain your hairstyle during working and keep your head clean and neat.

PLEATED BOUFFANT CAPS 24 inches for long hair coverage are made of spunbond polypropylene. Blue elastic band keeps cap flat and comfortable on the forehead. Extra space enough for persons with moderate long hair. All food-service staff or crew is required by law to wear food service hair nets to avoid contamination of consumer food products by the food-service crew that are handling them. It is not surprising, therefore, that restaurant hair nets are mandatory in food preparation and processing areas of food-service establishments.

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