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Pleated Bouffant Caps

Our pleated bouffant caps are made from polypropylene material. The fabric is non-woven and is both lightweight and breathable while providing excellent head coverage.

Polypropylene Pleated Bouffant Cap

These 24" Bouffant caps are made of lightweight, 100% virgin hydro-entangled (spun-bonded) polypropylene non-woven fabric.

Blue Bouffant Caps

These 21” pleated, blue polypropylene bouffant caps provide a particulate barrier and helps prevent hair from contaminating a product or work environment.

Non Woven Bouffant Cap

These Non-woven bouffant caps are spun bonded polypropylene material. Great for hospitals, lab work, food processing, and manufacturing.

Disposable Nylon Mesh Hairnet

Lightweight, comfortable nylon thats perfect for food-related industries. The mesh design allows for more ventilation so your head stays cooler. The gentle elastic band fits securely but comfortably over most heads without binding.

Polypropylene Beard Covers

Great for use in restaurants, catering businesses, food processing facilities, and retail, this beard cover is economical and ideal for everyday use.

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