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Personal Protective Equipment Bouffant Cap

Published on 2022/3/11

disposable sms bouffant pleated cap
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Personal Protective Equipment Bouffant Cap

Personal protective equipment is necessary for nosocomial infection control and can effectively reduce the risk of exposure. These caps offer protection suited for use in food plants, laboratory research, manufacturing, and medical industries.

In food factories, laboratories, hospitals, clean rooms, protective equipment should be used to ensure the cleanliness of the environment and their own safety. Personal protective equipment involves: respiratory protection, head and face protection, body protection, and foot protection.

This 24" white pleated bouffant cap provides a particulate barrier and helps prevent hair from contaminating a product or work environment. A low-linting, lightweight cover restrains hair and offers great ventilation, so you stay cool over long hours.

This type of safety polypropylene bouffant cap pleated can be used in various manufacturing industries like food processing, medical, aerospace, and many more.  They are non linting, breathable and cost effective in work environments where sanitation is needed.

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