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Clear Polyethylene Disposable Gloves

Published on 2018/5/28

Clear Polyethylene Disposable Gloves
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Clear Polyethylene Disposable Gloves

With a no-nonsense design, these simple, transparent gloves are made of a plastic material. They are environmentally friendly, recyclable, and safe.

Food grade new PE material, No fluorescing agent, Raw material inspection, Non-toxic, you can directly touch the food and skin. Safe for food handling. These transparent Polyethylene Gloves has outstanding advantages, Waterproof, oilproof,  anti-bacterial, Resistant to most chemicals and detergents. Ultra soft, thick and strong, more durable. Protection from hygiene purpose.

Disposable glove hand shape conforms to all people on the world, Ambidextrous. Poly gloves are our most economical & easy to use. One-time use of clean and hygiene. Embossed surface, non-slip, provide better grip. Disposable glove not contain any natural latex ingredients. These disposable pe gloves are clear in color. Disposable plastic hand gloves are widely be used for food processing and handling.

Apply for a wide range of industries, for food processing, hotel catering, household cleaning, medical care, drug dispensing, beauty salon, medical chemical inspection, agricultural work protection, scientific research, electronics industry, etc.

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