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Blue Poly Gloves

Disposable Food Service Poly Gloves

Food service poly gloves are an essential part of any food handling operation. Whether you operate a fast-food restaurant, a grocery store, a school cafeteria, or another type of food-service business, you’ll probably require your employees to wear poly gloves while handling food.

disposable polythene aprons

The Benefits of Disposable Aprons in Foodservice

Disposable aprons are a great way to keep your staff sanitized and prevent cross-contamination. These one-size-fits-all garments come in different shapes, sizes, and patterns that fit everyone from waiters to chefs.

Food Factory Bouffant Cap

Food Factory Bouffant Cap

A pleated bouffant cap is a type of hairnet that is designed to be worn as part of a uniform. They are commonly worn by food service workers, including cooks, chefs, bakers, and waitstaff.

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