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White Pleated Disposable Polypropylene Bouffant Cap

Pleated Bouffant Caps - 24", White

These 24" White Pleated Bouffant Caps offer protection suited for use in food plants, laboratory research, manufacturing, and medical industries.

Disposable Blue Poly Aprons

Disposable Sleeveless Plastic Apron

Disposable Plastic Apron without sleeves manufactured using medical grade virgin PVC, used in hospital, pharmaceutical industries, agriculture industries, fishing industries, milk dairies, laboratories, etc. due to their durability, comfortable fitting and flawlessness.

Fluid-Resistant Polypropylene Bouffant Caps

Black Non Woven Fluid-Resistant Polypropylene Bouffant Caps

The bouffant cap is made with the finest polypropylene spun-bond (PPSB) material for an optimum level of protection and lightweight comfort.

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