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Food Service Hair Nets For Long Hair

Food Service Hair Nets For Long Hair

Hairnets for food service are a must if you run any restaurant or food-service business. Nothing is more embarrassing or damaging to a food-service establishment than your diners or guests finding a hair in their stew, soup, or broth.

disposable pe isolation sleeve

Disposable Protective PE Sleeves

White P.E., 18" Sleeves w/Elastic At Both Ends (1000 Per Case) White 18" poly sleeves, elastic on both ends, 100 per bag, 10 bags per case.

White Pleated Disposable Polypropylene Bouffant Cap

Pleated Bouffant Caps - 24", White

These 24" White Pleated Bouffant Caps offer protection suited for use in food plants, laboratory research, manufacturing, and medical industries.

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