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Clear TPE Gloves

Disposable TPE Gloves for Food Handling

Disposable food-safe TPE gloves available in clear, blue or black. Powder-free, non-sterile, ambidextrous, latex-free, recyclable, biodegradable, hypoallergenic, single-use only.

Disposable Waterproof Sleeve Cover

Disposable Waterproof PE Sleeve Cover

Disposable Waterproof Arm Pe Sleeve Cover keep your arm clean.

Disposable White Poly Aprons

Disposable White Poly Aprons

Disposable PE aprons are water and oil resistant and beautiful and practical. For food processing, fishery processing, washing work, cooking / vegetable washing, kitchen work, etc. barbecue shops, various dining establishments, home kitchens, care and washing, cleaning and access.

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