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TPE Food Service Gloves

Tips for Using TPE Food Service Gloves

TPE food service gloves are specially designed for the needs of busy professionals, such as cooks and servers. These gloves are often used in fast-food restaurants or cafeterias, where food is prepared quickly and many people are at work all at once.

disposable arm sleeve cover

Disposable PE Arm Sleeve Covers

Water resistant sleeve protector, available in blue or white. PE material is very durable. At the same time, it offers waterproof, non-absorbent protection for sleeves, which saves a lot of laundry works.

Polyethylene Gloves for Food

How to Use Polyethylene Gloves: The Truth About Food Safety

PE gloves are generally latex-free and environmentally friendly. They’re also a convenient alternative to natural leather gloves. PE gloves are most suitable for handling foods that are deemed safe for handling with latex gloves.

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